Our Services

Our Services

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Regulatory Medical Writing

Our expert team streamlines the essential documentation for your psychedelic therapies, covering all clinical trial stages. Navigate the complexities of regulatory medical writing and medical and scientific communications effortlessly to realise your product's full potential.

Medical Communications

From scientific publications to strategic messaging, our comprehensive medical communications services empower healthcare professionals and patients alike. mychedelica offers a unique mix of psychedelic expertise and creative solutions, ensuring your assets will be highly memorable.
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Desk Research & Value Dossiers

Stay ahead in the dynamic life sciences landscape with our contemporary psychedelics-based intelligence. Our strategic counsel informs your internal decision-making and broader commercial objectives.
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Market Strategy & Access

We specialise in crafting market access strategies that meet the expectations of all stakeholders in the psychedelic space, from health authorities to insurers. Unlock new market possibilities with our innovative approach.
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Brand & Creative Strategy

We synergise brand strategy with creative design to establish a cohesive and compelling brand identity. Benefit from our unique approach that ensures consistency across all platforms.

Venture Capital & Psychedelic Industry Insights

Elevate your presence in the evolving psychedelic landscape with mychedelica. From securing vital funding to enhancing your investment narrative, we empower innovators to thrive at the forefront of this transformative industry.

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